General Foods Corporation, AKA General Foods (TM) MARKETING & SALES ALLIANCE, having used the trademark GF and the phrase “General Foods (TM) MARKETING & SALES ALLIANCE” depicted her in trade since inception and at least since March 21, 2012, said mark and phrase having been demonstrated at that time to have been abandoned for the statutory period by the last known previous owners, hereby claims the following rights and protections in regard to their use:

We claim ownership of the phrase "General Foods (TM) MARKETING & SALES ALLIANCE" and the trademark GF , as shown in the depiction accompanying this notice and on certain company websites, letterhead, stationery, business cards, advertising, signage, packaging and labels or any other format contemplated or in actual use by us, whether or not accompanied by the superscript TM, and an exclusive right to use the phrase and/or mark globally, as well as the rights to certain protections in common law and under the Lanham Act 15 US Code 1125 and 15 US Code 43(a),  along with the right to bring an action concerning the right in federal and state courts or the courts of countries other than the United States; the right to use the phrase and/or mark as a basis for registration in the US and foreign countries and with US Customs and Border Services to prevent importation of infringing foreign goods, and as a basis for listing in the United States Patent and Trademarks office. We disclaim any right to the word "Foods" when not used together with the word "General" and claim protection against any malicious or other usage of said mark and/or phrase in such a construct, context or meaning as to confuse, dilute, misrepresent or diminish our interests in the mark and/or phrase and the integrity of our reputation.

The new General FoodsTM Corporation is a people driven organization that seeks to re-establish an American legacy family of relavent, healthful and nutritious food products. Your input and guidance, as a consumer and, hopefully, as a fan, is key to our success.

The New General FoodsTM Corporation 

Consumer Website


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The new General FoodsTM Corporation believes that its name and logo on a product should symbolize and represent the very finest that we are capable of producing. Our name and logo are our pledge of quality for you and your family.

The new General FoodsTM Corporation believes in people. We listen carefully to our customers and our fans. We're ready to help in any way we can.

The new General FoodsTM Corporation is acutely aware of its role and responsibilities in today's world. We want to make a positive difference and a beneficial impact. Let us know how you think we can improve.

The New General FoodsTM Corporation represents a cooperative effort to provide the very best products to consumers everywhere, Working together with you, and the General FoodsTM Marketing and Sales Network, we can lead the way to a better, healthier and more prosperous paradigm. Come join us on that journey. We've got a special place reserved just for you!