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GENERAL FOODS (TM) MARKETING & SALES ALLIANCE team of senior strategists pairs out-of-the-box thinking with tried-and-true sales and consulting skills. GENERAL FOODS (TM) MARKETING & SALES ALLIANCE is on the cusp of social media trends, new technologies and new ways to deliver messages effectively and creatively within the global food trade. Guided by the leadership of Joseph A. Lirosi, a leader in the industry for 40 years, GENERAL FOODS (TM)   MARKETING & SALES ALLIANCE has a foundation for success that's set for many decades to come. 


GENERAL FOODS (TM) MARKETING & SALES ALLIANCE helps our manfacturer clients and trade customers achieve and retain the greatest possible success in branded and private label and commodity food sales. 

Beyond The Box

GENERAL FOODS (TM) MARKETING & SALES ALLIANCE strongly believes in delivering innovative strategies for your branded, private label and commodity food buying and selling needs.

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Forward Thinking

GENERAL FOODS (TM)  MARKETING & SALES ALLIANCE brokers, traders and consultants are leading experts in the food industry. We are totally committed to faithfully representing the manufacturer while providing confidential sales services to our customers.

Sensible Solutions

GENERAL FOODS (TM) MARKETING & SALES ALLIANCE provides you with practical and easy solutions to help you buy or sell your branded, private label or commodity food products and ingredients in supermarket chain, food service distributor, and industrial user  environments.around the world.

a global food sales Development and Marketing management firm

YOu have an idea. we have a strategy.

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